Start a Business

Join a family.

Being your own boss is only part of the fun. Going on holidays whenever you want and working from home is a bonus but having built something from the ground up with an amazing bunch of woman is something else. Something worth all of the long days and sleepless nights. Something that is successfully and truly YOURS.

Proven Hiring Process

Our thorough hiring process takes you from start to finish and helps you find the RIGHT people.

Award Winning Systems

Starting a new business is hard but with proven systems that are easy to follow, it can be done.

Bookings and Follow Up

Never let a client fall through your fingertips. We will take you from A-Z and get them booked!

Numbers Matter

Know what numbers are important to your business and how you are performing at all times.

Benefits of starting your Lathered


Be part of something great


Happy to help

We are a team. We have open communication and are always building and growing. The sky is not the limit. We are here for you when you need us. Whether it be a bad review or difficult staff, we've been there. We got you.

Regular meetings and 24/7 platforms that keep you in touch with those who can help.

Brand Recognition

Full meal deal


Systems for our systems

Start something that MATTERS

Sometimes I forget that we are moms - I mean, not always great moms but we're doing it. We're balancing businesses, cheque books and a home life and love every minute of it because our kids see where the "sacrifices" are taking us and it's exhilerating.




"How hard can it be?"

- My last words before jumping in with both feet

  • Plan a chat

    First things first!  We can plan a video or phone call so you can ask ALL of the questions.  We are an open book and want you to know everything before making a decision.

  • Make a plan

    Your road map to success is important and unique to you. You'll be in the driver's seat but we will help you navigate and set goals along the way. 

  • Pick a territory

  • Set aside TWO weeks

    Be sure to set aside TWO weeks of training. One week in our field and the other in office. 

  • Pick a launch date

    Once we have a date in place we will work backwards from there to ensure everything is in place beforehand!



  • Cross the t's.

    Plan to succeed. We can roll ahead with marketing or progress with more training if you feel it's needed. Nerves are good but we will make sure you have all the skills in place before day 1! 

Professional Marketing

Before getting set up, take a peak at our facebook and instagram pages. Do you like what you see? That is US. We are always open, transparent and a little bit sassy. We only hold back as much as we need to and our clients love us for it. 

  • Timed Facebook Posts

    Alex is a permanent member of the Lathered Team. She stays ahead of posts and keeps our look consistent. The only part we ask of you is to localize your page by keeping up on current events in your area and responding appropriately.

  • Quarterly Campaigns

    Tailored email campaigns to your client base. We create one large campaign and then help you alter it to suit your city and your needs along with your goals!  

  • Guidance on Social Media

    Are you feeling like you can take on more clients? Let's boost an ad! Or maybe you need to hire? We have an ad for that too! Tried, tested and true results based on YOUR numbers. We will guide you through what is needed so you are always prepared!

One giant family

Join for THE TEAM


The team and camaraderie is second to none. Always an inspiring word or room on a shoulder to lean on when needed. Sound advice as we have all been there or are about to be there and sometimes nine heads are better than one. Feedback and sounding boards are not only welcomed but utilized OFTEN! 


Kristin Verbeek & Meghan Peters

Owners of Calgary & Airdrie Franchises


Lisa Hook

Owner/Operator of Edmonton & St.Albert Franchises




Kristyn Vekved


Owner/Operator of Red Deer, Lacombe, Blackfalds, Sylvan Lake Franchises


Brandy Roy

Social Media & Marketing Guru

Alex Snider

All that is Lathered. Brand Embassador, Campaign Creator & Social Media Master




Catherine Raynor

Owner/Operator of Okotoks, Dewinton, Priddis & High River Franchises

System Managment & Calgary Manager

Lisa Hamilton

Calgary & Airdrie residential manager. System management and implementer

HR & Safety Management

Carrie Beckett

Carrie has her Registered Professional Recruitment (RPR) designation, is a DISC Certified Facilitator and continues to pursue studies in Human Services Design.

Join for THE TEAM


It is truly amazing what having a fierce group of women in your corner will do. Cheering for you, challenging you and trusting you to be the best you possible.

Lisa Hamilton

Office Manager, Lathered Calgary

Franchise management Team

All of our owners comprise our amazing team and with their love and support, Lathered continues to grow every. single. day. But here are a couple members of our inner support team that will help you in the glorious beginning.

Lisa Hamilton

The Details and Office Training

Lisa joined our team in 2018. She initially came on to clean and her management and organizational skills swiftly had us pulling her into the office. She runs the systems that ARE Lathered. If there isn't a system already, she's your gal to make one!

Kristin Verbeek & Meghan Peters

Through years of experience and some 'falling on our faces', we have learned a lot and continue to learn as the problems arise. The best part is we have written everything down and taken each step as a learning opportunity. We can't wait to share!

Alex Snider

Creative Mind & Social Media Guru

Meet Alex!  Alex has been our creative genius from almost the start. Always chock full of witt and awkwardly wonderful dry humour, she gets us and advertises as such!


We had a purpose before anyone had an opinion but the fact that these opinions are this amazing truly means we are living our purpose and continue to fulfill our "why".

I began my journey with Lathered in 2015 and was hooked from the start. In those five years I have been a cleaner, trainer, quality control, office admin, and am now their social media guru (I also accept "goddess"). This company isn’t about earning a pay cheque and going home; it’s about working with people that see your potential and want to see you thrive. I highly recommend taking the leap and joining the Lathered team.

Alex Snider
Social Media Guru (/Goddess)

I knew in order to be in control of my future I needed to own my own business.  I stumbled upon an amazing opportunity created by even more amazing women! These women challenge and support me in ways I could not have imagined. In a few short months my business has flourished because of the support, knowledge and experience I am surrounded by.  It truly is a family of like minded women.  If you are thinking about becoming a Lathered Franchisee, take the leap! It is a very empowering experience to be in control of my life and to shape my future for my family.

Kristyn Vekved

Owner/Franchisee, Lathered Cochrane

Funny enough, applying to join the Lathered family had nothing to do with cleaning. I could see Lathered's big ol' heart full of gratitude everywhere. From the words on the job ad, to the website, to the outpouring of love all over social media. The gratitude, with wit, the loving banter, it all had me ready to jump in to a career path that has never crossed my mind, which is not a "me" thing to do. I have mentally grown into the person that I am proud be. As an employee, as a mentor and as a mother. It doesn't end there either. There is no limit to growth. Ever. 


Lisa Hamilton

Office Manager Lathered Calgary


We like to share everything but there sure it a LOT. If you have a question that you don't see listed below or something doesn't quite make sense, throw it at us! We are happy to help! 

What are the costs entailed?

What ongoing fees are there?

How long is the commitment?

Why not just start my own cleaning company?

Will Lathered help with training and hiring?

What if I want to use toxic cleaning supplies?

Some Available Locations

Are you looking to start up your own Lathered outside of Alberta? Great! Don't see the city you had in mind? Fantastic! We are open to all growth that comes our way! 

Do you have somewhere else in mind?

Tell us where! We'll come with you!

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