Keeping your family and ours SAFE!

Lathered Cleaning is dedicated to providing our same great service safely and efficiently.

Here are some changes and some of the great ways we keep keepin' it clean!

  • Keeping it Clean


    At Lathered, we know clean.  We continue to sanitize all of our equipment between each home.  Anything that is reusable will be wiped down before we enter and before we leave! All cloths and masks are sanitized after each use.



  • PPE - Ya you know me!

    Don't worry, it's still us behind those masks!  To help protect our employees, a new mask will be worn for each home.  

    Thankfully the Covid 19 virus, as well as many others, are easily killed when proper hand washing is practiced!  This means we have soap and sanitizer for all of our staff and also means that we have made disposable gloves optional. Most times we will only wear them for our sanitizing round as it can be very drying to our skin!

  • Shoes off at the door

    While we up in the Great White North always take our shoes off when we come in, we are taking it one step further and leaving our footwear just outside in an effort to eliminate any cross contamination.  Once we enter we have our indoor shoes that are sanitized between each home.

  • Clean and Sanitize

    Did you know that to properly sanitize a home it must be clean first?  Surfaces must be free of dirt, grime and oil for sanitizing agents to do their job. This is why we use our amazing all-natural cleaners to first clean and then provide a no charge sanitizing round of all the touch points in your home. While this round is detrimental to any unwanted germs or viruses, it is still in line with our values and is safe for you and your loved ones (both human and of the furry variety).

  • Social Distancing


    For everyone's safety we ask that clients maintain a safe distance from staff.  If you cannot leave your home on the day of your clean we just ask that you find a space to be that allows them to work safely.

    We are always happy to switch you levels as we move through!


  • Ensuring Health

    It seems that no matter where you go you are asked if you're feeling well.  It's no different here!  Staff are not to work if they or anyone in their home is feeling ill.  We have waived cancellation fees due to illness and have each of our clients complete a questionnaire that ensures they understand our new illness, social distancing and travel guidelines.

The support and appreciation from our clients and staff has been overwhelming.  We have always known how lucky we are and these times have only confirmed that. We will continue to do all that we can to provide the very best. Now more safely than ever.

Kristin Verbeek & Meghan Peters