What are your weekends worth?

"How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives."

- Annie Dillard

How does it all work?  We make it work and you  get a clean home. It is as easy and simple as that. 

  • Click on the Book Now page.

    After filling out your form with your name, address and contact information, we will find a time that we have a team in your area and offer you a variety of dates. You let us know what works for you! 

  • We come in and clean

    Armed with a priority list filled out by YOU and up to date notes based on your home, pets, budget and whatever other details we can gather into one place, we head in to clean.

  • We touch base - Communication is key.

    At the FOUR man hour mark (2 hours x 2 staff) we send an email. We let you know what is done, what is left to do and how long it will take to do it. This keeps you in the control seat. Maybe you need a quiet space for your 12:00 Zoom meeting or maybe you only want to spend a certain amount. That is OKAY. Just let us know and we can plan around what is needed. We are here to make life easier and that is exactly what we do.  No hidden agendas.

What happens  after? 

Will we leave you wanting more? We sure will! After our initial visit and you decide that no one will ever be as amazing as the wonderful Ladies of Lathered, you'll email but we will be way ahead of you because we had a pretty good time too! 

  • Real People ALL. THE. TIME.

    We're here for you. We are moms, sisters, daughters and we know that sometimes coffee time turns directly into wine time. We can appreciate that you are busy. We are too and we not only get you, we got you.

  • Quotes

    We will send quotes for weekly, bi-weekly & monthly cleans. Your quotes are not based on time. They are based on the amount of work involved with your home and how often we are scheduled to come! 

  • Client Hub

    We will give you access to your file. Who needs to know when we are coming or if you have an outstanding bill? I mean, we do but so do YOU.  Everything is at your fingertips.

  • Reliable

    We have been accused of over communicating (like that's a thing). You will always know what we are doing, what we are not doing and if we need something from you. We don't "assume" or leave things up to common sense. We just say it out loud!

Lathered has spread Alberta wide but has no plans on stopping there! 

Red Deer & Surrounding

Edmonton & St. Albert

Lathered's first baby!

Lisa and her team are looking forward to lending their helping hands for your Edmonton, St.Albert and surrounding cleans! 


Cities across Alberta







Who we hire  MATTERS 

Our staff are part of the family. Not like the boyfriend your little sister brings to supper with the "no ragrets" tattoo but actual family. The people we spend our time with matters and it shows. We can teach people how to clean but we can not make values align unless the head space is already there. 

  • Background Checks - Lathered requires up to date police background checks completed upon hiring

  • Vetting process - Lathered is quite involved with who we hire. Along with values, we like to really tap into values, life experience and passion. Group interviews are our favourite! 

  • Pay rates are based on appreciation -  Now before you try to burn us at the stake please know there is no witchcraft here, we have simply listened to what was needed and followed suit! Leading to happy, healthy and passionate staff. Again, we love our family.

Know who's  COMING 

You should always know who is in your home but you shouldn't be able to tell based on the clean that is performed. This is WHY we have proven training and cleaning methods. 

  • No surprises - We communicate to the best of our ability while in the home and after we leave. 

  • Reminders - Check out your reminders to see which one of our teams are coming in! 

  • Thorough training -  We were all trained the same and all follow the same methods. You should never be able to tell what was done by the clean. All you should know is that you are loved and it shows in our work.


We think we're amazing but to tell you to take our word for it would be asking a lot. Here is what just a few of our customers have mentioned. For more reviews, check us out on Facebook or Instagram!

Heather C

Airdrie AB

Commercial & Residential Client

We have been thrilled with Lathered! Our space is spotless and beautiful when they come in, they are professional and detailed and just really wonderful human beings to work with.”






Leanna F

St. Albert AB

Commercial & Residential Client

After many cleaners who started good, but progressively declined, I tentatively contacted Lathered to clean my home at the prompting of a friend. All I can say is WOW. Meticulous, consistent, trustworthy, and so nice! I have also now asked them to do my business and am consistently amazed at the detail they put into their work. Lathered is a rare find that provides amazing customer service, detailed cleaning and airtight communication right down to the checklist they leave. Highly recommended!

Sharlene L

Calgary AB

Residential Client

I can’t express how wonderful Lathered is. I have used several cleaning companies over the years and after over a year with Lathered I have finally found my forever cleaners!! This business is so well run. The ladies who come in to my house are always happy, respectful, friendly and do a very thorough job. The ladies behind the scenes are such a pleasure to deal with. If something isn’t right they happily fix it. Their customer service goes above and beyond. I mean way above!!! Recently my vacuum stopped working. They asked if I would like the name of their wonderful repair guy and even offered to pick it up and bring it back to my house if needed. You won’t find customer service like this anywhere else!! I am grateful to have found Lathered!

Crystal S

Red Deer AB

Residential Client

WOW!! Totally blown away by the whole experience. From the initial communication for booking our cleaning to the follow up on the day of - beyond professional. The house looked and smelled amazing - so nice to come home and not have to worry about doing a thing. Our almost 13 year old even said "My bed feels like they ironed the sheets" 😆 - and his room wasn't even on the list of priorities 😊 As they say "It's In The Details" and Nicole and her crew NAILED IT!!






48 hours


If you aren't happy with your clean, let us know! Not only will we come back but we will be happy about it! We live to grow! We have to be kept in the know and be able to make good on our promises.


When your kids make a mess, do you ever think "I'll just do it"? Then, when it happens again, do you find yourself teetering on the edge of snapsville? Angry they didn't learn the first time. I do it too but please don't do it to us! We're happy to learn.

Your Lathered Fam!


There are no silly questions. If you don't see it listed, let us know!

What happens after the five hours special?

Ideally we finish what we started :) BUT we are there for you and your family. Whatever the need may be, we have you covered! Our team will touch base via email before the four man hour mark. We will clean based on your priority list so B.E. specific (did you sing it too?) and at the four man hour mark our team will touch base with our office to let us know; 

  1. What is done.
  2. What is left to do.
  3. How long it will take if any extra time is needed (any extra time being charged at $40/man hour. We will go through that as well)

They can usually give us an approximate guess and are sometimes fairly spot on but you will notice we still use words like "Approximately 5-6 man hours". This allows a little wiggle room. We like wiggle room and are big fans of under promising and over producing so you let us work our magic! We will plan to finish unless we hear differently or make a plan to utilize as much time in our schedule as we are capable of dedicating and can plan a time to come back and finish if need be. If you are unable to make yourself available to your email, please let us know an alternate way of getting a hold of you or set a budget upon booking. We are here to make life easier but don't want to play with your heart or your budget. 


If, for any reason, you don't hear from us and have a question, reach out! Human error does happen and technology can be a fickle beast but we do our best to stay on our game! 

What if there is more than one person?

What products do you use? 

What if my home needs more than the 5 hours included in the special?

$40/man hour. This is $40 per person per hour. Like we mentioned, we always charge by the person. 


We will touch base at the four man hour mark via email to let you know how everything is going. If you decide you want to keep it within the five man hour mark, great! If an extra hour (.5 x 2) is in the budget and it means we may get to make everything perfect, that is great too! We are here to make life easier and we love to communicate! You let us know what YOU need!

Can you tell me what exact time you'll arrive?

How do I pay? We make this part easy ;)

Is it okay if my pets are home?

Oh, YES PLEASE! Being in love with pets is a prerequisite of working with Lathered. They have to like you and you have to like them. 


On that note, please know that while we are okay with them, if there is any reason you feel they may not be okay with us, please let us know and we can all make a plan. Sometimes pets are weird about having people in their homes and that is OKAY. Maybe you can be home the first time we arrive or maybe there is somewhere you can put them for safety? Maybe there are bribery treats that work every time! Leave a baggie for us on the way in and we will bribe them into loving us. I do it with my children... it works.
Also let us know if the kitty is a runner. We will be on the lookout and James Bond our way in and out the door!
Point is, our arrival should NEVER stress anyone out! Two legs or four, comfort is key.

This is my first time! Do I need to be home?

This is completely up to you! We have clients who are home for their cleanings, clients who meet us at the door to let us in and then take off, and clients who have given us their door code since the first appointment. Whichever option makes you most comfortable, works perfectly with us! 
You can always feel safe with Lathered in your home. We are insured, bonded, covered by WCB and each team member has up to date criminal record checks. 

Franchising with Lathered


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